It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I realized I’d never experienced true, unbridled fear—never, ever in my whole life.

Can you imagine? Feeling that all at once?

As I grew this phenomenal little person inside my body, the initial terror of my own mortality was quickly replaced by an even bigger panic: the fear of surviving. Of becoming a parent, responsible for another life. Of messing up. Of everything out of my control.

Suddenly, life was real to me. The world became a dangerous place. I realized I’d been living in my own little bubble of happiness, where pain and suffering and anxiety and depression were things that happened to other people.


Here I was, faced with a new reality, with only months to get my mind right.

So, I decided to learn. Ask questions. Devote myself to becoming the person I felt this baby deserves.

How do you raise a little person to live in a world you’re scared to death of? How do you give your child the best of yourself while working through your own shortcomings?

Most importantly, how do you turn fear into strength? Anxiety into power? Pain into exhilaration? Depression into curiosity?

These are big questions. I hope to find the answers with you. Together we can see what we’re truly made of and leave the world better than we found it.

And it starts with our kids.

I’ve already learned so much along the way that helped me reclaim my power as a woman and as a mom. This blog was born as a way to share, and… I have such a strong feeling that YOU are going to teach me even more. So let’s talk.

It wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter that I realized I had never experienced pure, unbridled happiness. Never, ever in my whole life.

Can you imagine? Feeling that all at once?